The Animal AKA How I Love my Dyson

For years, I've had people tell me to go get a Dyson! Dyson is so awesome! Dyson is so great! For years i've listened but did not do anything about it. It's freakin' expensive. But with a one year old running around and Blue shedding all over the place, it was about time.
All of you who told me to get a Dyson - you are right. I love this! I feel the power with every push of the Vac. I feel all of Blue's hairs being sucked right in and that makes me happy. I love how easy it is to pull out the extender and suck out all the corners. I love all the little gadgets it came with. I love the Zorb thingies and they make my carpet smell good. My only tiny complaint? The stair gadget is still a little hard to use. Oh well, it's still awesome.

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