United 93

It's been a while since I last posted, and there's a lot to say! First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Now on to this post.

I've been putting off watching this movie for a while because I know that once I see it, I will get very emotional and most likely will have red eyes by the end of it. But I did see it, and compelled to post about it, albeit weeks later.

I loved the movie. It was a simple but good story. It didn't need a fancy movie star. I didn't need fancy special effects. For this movie, the actual events was great enough a story to hold it's own. I mean, I remember waking up on 9/11 a little after 6 am to the radio alarm and there it was. It was hazy at first, people didn't know what was happening, but something was happening. I woke up after the first tower got hit, but before the second tower. So, as the day went on and you hear about a plane crashing somewhere in an open field, it doesn't hit you right away. Everyone was focused on the Twin Towers. But after the dust settled and news came out that the reason United 93 crashed because the people made sure the terrorist didn't get to their destination even if it meant dying, you feel like there are some good people out there. Angels they are.

The casting was great. I liked the fact that the actors are not so famous that you can concentrate on them as characters instead of actors. I liked the pacing. It seemed like it was in real time and yet it was all happening to fast (and slow) that you can't take your eyes off the screen. The music was just enough to evoke the right emotion. Overall, it didn't feel sensational. There was no political agenda - just one good movie.

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