Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

I've posted about a few slings / carriers here before, but I do want to post about the sling that I ended up getting: The Baby Bjorn original carrier.

This is on the high end price-wise, but I must say I love it. Josh loves being in it too. He loves being close to me and most of the time falls asleep on my chest. I also get a lot of stuff done because my hands are free. The construction is sturdy - I feel very secure in it. And now that he's older, he can actually face out and see the world!

Over the weekend, we threw a baby shower for Deb (who is due in two weeks!!), and Shirley who's about 4 months & I were talking about slings. She says she can't understand why some are $40 and others are $80 when they all kinda look the same. I really don't know. Lina uses a snugli and she seems perfectly happy with it. So, I guess I just really liked this for it's look.

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