Miranda, Steve & a Bugaboo

I've watched and re-watched the Sex & The City several times, but since giving birth, I've noticed a few things I never noticed before. Like, Miranda has a Bugaboo stroller for Brady! A Bugaboo! I can only salivate and ogle because at $800 a pop, um...it's not a wise purchase for poor folk. But man, that's a lovely lovely stroller.

Aside from Carrie & Aidan, my other favorite couple on the show is Miranda & Steve. I just love them. I especially love that in the final season, it was Miranda who was in love with Steve. I love that it was Miranda who proposed to Steve. I love that their wedding was so the anti-wedding (hint hint to a certain someone: you can have an anti-wedding. wink wink). I love that Steve became more assertive this time around: telling Miranda that the honeymoon was his as well as hers, pushing for Brooklyn when Miranda was a Manhattan-girl. It was a satisfying ending to a lovely series, which I can watch over and over again.

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