Belles of the Ball

Smokedog's latest blog post talks about his TV shows he misses. What do I miss? Sex And The City - which I believe is still one of the best shows out there.

I'm going to give props to one of my favorite episodes of all time: Episode #58 (Season 4) Belles of the Ball - picture shown.

If I haven't blabbed to you already, I love Aidan. I love Carrie with Aidan. During Aidan's reign, I see their relationship as most real [cue scene with Aidan & Carrie in the bathroom both wearing tidy whities brushing their teeth.] Aidan would be a perfect boyfriend - perfect because he's not perfect. Big, for me, is too perfect. Handsome and rich, sitting in the back of a limo. I'd rather have someone cuddle with me eating KFC than having a dozen roses sent to me by boyfriend's assistant. But that's me.

Anyway, this episode brings us to the country where Carrie & Aidan are spending the weekend. Big calls all upset because his actress girlfriend has dumped him and wanted Carrie to comfort him. Big barges in on their weekend and Aidan shows restrained anger - after all, this was the guy Carrie cheated on him with. All of this leading up to the fist fight the two boys have the next day to which Carrie utters my favorite line of all time: What are you doing!? You're middle-aged!

As I was watching the two boys, at dawned on my just how hot Aidan was. Big looked old with a bit of a belly, while Aidan was lookin' goood. Sigh...Season 4 rocked. Let me go watch that again.

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