Our Neighborhood Garage Sale

Today we had our Annual City-Wide Garage Sale. It's the first year we are joining as a seller, and it was an experience both good and bad.

We started preparing our garage at 7:30 in the morning. In our court, 4 houses were doing it, so already in the morning was an atmosphere of fun / anticipation. I had high hopes that I'll be able to sell a lot of our junk including our Loveseat, bookshelves, bikes, old TV and other stuff. Right away, I realized that we were total novices. 1) Our prices are too high! Why did I think someone would want to buy my old pajamas for $3? What ended up happening, $.25 a set. Ha! 2) We wasted $20 registering to be an "official" seller when none of the houses in our court did it. 3) The layout of our stuff wasn't conducive to selling. The clothes should either be laid out or hanged instead of in boxes.

But it was also a good experience. The atmosphere was neighborly and fun and we got to talking to one of our neighbors (which we normally don't do). In the end we sold $150 of stuff and got to clear out our garage a little and gain some experience for the next year. Next year, we'll rock. We'll totally have a storefront and categories and stuff. Yeah.

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