LOVE the LoVe

I must say that one of my guilty pleasures is watching Veronica Mars. I'm guilty in that, I'm thirty years old. Why the hell am I doing watching a teen drama?

Well, it's so good. The writers are good, the storylines have continuity, and the characters are awsome. Kristin Bell & Jason Dohring have so much chemistry it's palpable.

The scenes they had together from the last episode had me in tears. Logan - drunk - telling Veronica how their love was epic, their near-kiss...with Veronica pulling away the last minute, and Veronica the next day pouring out her feeling only to find out that Logan didn't remember anything he said the night before and on top of it, that he had just spent the night with another woman. Tears - I was in tears. Come on kids, you can work this out!

There's only two more episodes before the finale - I can't wait.

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