I just finished my few-months-long marathon watching the entire series of Friends! Yes, believe it or not, I watched from Season 1 all the way to the Season Finale and for all that hard work, I want to say a few words:

Friends was a pretty consistently good series. Granted it only won the Emmy for that one season, but they've given me some good, funny TV for a good chunk of my life. Out of the ten season, I can honestly say only Season 7 sucked. And yes, Season 7 was their weakest season. That season boasted such wacky episodes like: The One Where Chandler doesn't like Dogs (really, kinda lame!), The One With Rachel's Kisses (lame attempt at a lesbian kiss) and my all time unfavorite The One with The Truth About London (Which I believed butchered the flashback with a very different looking Chandler)

There's so many good episodes, but I realized a bunch of the really good one have been when people "Found out" about another friends' secret. Like...
The One Where Rachel Finds Out, back in season 1. That's a classic.
The One Where Ross Finds Out, in Season 2 was great as well. "Over me? When were you...under me?" *insert Ross' pathetic confused face here*
The One with the Kips (I believe this is the title) when Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler. This was also the episode where Rachel & Phoebe wanted to start their own group since Emily has forbidden Ross to see Rachel. Cut to scene in the coffee shop where Phoebe says to Ross, "Goodbye Ross...." *then whispers* "...forever!" Heehee.
The One with All The Resolutions is another favorite of mine - not just because it's the episode where Rachel finds out about Monica & Chandler, but it's also the episode where Ross wears the leather pants.
The One Where Everybody Finds Out, that's a classic. From Chandler & Phoebe's interaction to Joey's "Not my first time." (in reference to opening Phoebe's shirt in one swift motion).

There's so much more to say...but I'll stop for now, for this is already getting very long.

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