color matching

I first heard of Farrow & Ball because a design firm our client loves is always specifiying paints from them. And I must say, I love their colors and adore their paper.

If only I know how to put up wallpaper. Sigh, sometimes i wish i can do it all.

I recently went to Home Depot to get a quart of paint for this worn out chest I have. I had them color match from my Farrow & Ball swatch book. I was optimistic. After all, everyones color matching these days, right? I paid the $10 for the Behr color-matched quart and proceeded on home.

I was disappointed that my "blazer" red looked a touch pinker than I was hoping. I didn't know if it's because the color matching is really not that accurate...or that Farrow & Ball colors look good only on swatches. Oh well, at least I only spent $10.

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