The Invisible

My flight back from Chicago, this was the movie we were forced to watch. Ugh. The moment I saw Justin Chatwin's face, I wanted to puke. I don't know what it is about him - I had an immediate dislike. Of course, the story is about this "handsome" privileged kid who gets killed by the school bully (Margarita Leviava). Ugh. The school bully is of course (as is typical for all movies like this) a pretty but misunderstood tough gal. Of course, she has a crap of a dad that does not care for her or her younger brother. Of course, she loves her younger brother. Of course, they're poor and she's just trying to survive.

I hated them both at first sight. I hate the rich-handsome-good-guy with the poor-pretty-bad-girl combo. It's just so cliche. I know we are supposed to hate the girl in the beginning, but like Nick, as we journey with him to find out what happened to him, we are supposed to love her in the end. In the end, it wasn't her fault really, it was her boyfriend - because he was the one who turned her in to the cops in the first place. What the fuck? I know it's all confusing, I was confused too. But please do not watch this movie.

Funny thing though: As much as I hated both of them, as much as I seethed when they finally "connected", as much as I hated the whole storyline, I was crying in the end. What the fuck is wrong with me? This same thing happened when we watched Bridge to Tarabithia. (premise: good shy boy with larger than life girl - another combo I hate. She - takes him out of his shell. In the end (spoiler)(spoiler), and I was bawling) My hubby was very amused.

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