It's premiere week! for me it starts with the How I Met Your Mother. I really enjoyed Season 2 - and i hope season 3 will be much better. Aside from the Office this is the only real comedy that I really liked. Plus, the hero is an architect! The last architect seen in a comedy (or TV in general) was Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place...am I right? Or is David Duchovny playing one in Californiacation? Hmm...either way, we don't get a good representation in the industry. We don't say words like "anaphylactic seizure". We don't get our missions from faux garbage cans. We don't analyze weird stains from crime scenes, pour some liquid on it and find out it's blood. In short, we are boring. The most exciting news I found out today is that we are having a catered lunch next staff meeting because it's someone's ten year anniversary. Haha, I challenge someone to write an episode around that!

Anyway, the season opener was actually not legendary, but I was happy to see everyone back. Boy, they all look great in this photo. And lastly, it looks like we'll see the continuation of the slap bet.

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