Bag Love #2: Manhattan Portage

This bag will forever be to me my first ever cool bag. I've lugged this all around Berkeley. It has weathered through countless Bart & Bus rides. It has seen many nights at Wurster Hall studios. It has gone through lots of coffee stains and muffin crumbs from Strada. It has been tossed, It has been thrown. It has been loved.

I love this bag. I've loved it the minute I saw it at the Urban Outfitters on Brancroft. I purchased it full price. Yikes! Yes, a whopping $40, which to a college student, was a lot.

Now, I honor you, Manhattan Portage Cornell messenger bag - in grey. I hope you enjoyed being with me as much as I have lugging you around, because honestly, after a couple of hours, you fucking hurt my shoulder. Just Kidding. I love you.

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