Your Kiss is on my List

Lizette & I were talking yesterday about our List. Who is on my list these days? (BTW, everybody knows what I mean by list, right?) Aside from Heath Ledger, I couldn't list offhand who were in my Top 5 lately. Maybe I'm just being a Ross, but I had to think of it carefully.

So Heath is still on my list. Something about his voice just melts me. Jamie Denton (James, as he'd like to be called now) is also high up there. After seeing him on Celebrity Poker, I think he's adorable. I'm also into Mark Ruffalo, don't ask me why. He is on my list.

Now, I'd like to add Lucius Vorenus to my list, as I don't know yet if I'm into Kevin McKidd or just his character in one of my favorite shows this season.

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