Asena, Soup & Afogato

Yesterday, the whole studio went to Asena for lunch, and although Asena is not my favorite restaurant in the world - it's always been pretty good there. Joanna ordered a soup and went "hmmm, it's good." which prompted me to get one as well (why not - it's paid for!) and ohh-la-la indeed! It's one of the most delicious soup I've ever had. We guessed it's some kind of vegetable broth with cream and had all kinds of vegetables in it. I finished that soup in a hurry.

The other good thing about my lunch was the dessert. Since I remember from the last time (with Lizette & Helen) not to get the chocolate flan, I got the vanilla bean gelato with a shot of espresso (decaf of course). [channeling janice]: Oh. My. God. That was beyond good, it was heaven. It's so good, I have no words! no words! I'm still thinking about how good it is...

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