My All Time Favorite Racers

God, I love The Amazing Race. I'm up to watching re-runs of the Race and have realized that out of 40+ teams, there are a few that have been my all time favorites.

1) Kelly / Jon - which was from a weak season (season 4) but I love love love them. Jon is my TAR boyfriend. I don't know what is it about him, but he's hot. Their interaction reminds me of my hubby & I.

2) Oswald & Danny - From Season 2. The beloved Chas! The one who showed that kindness and respect to others can bring you far in the game. Plus, hey, I got a kiss from hot Oswald, who just oozes sex. (reow!)

3) Blake & Paige - The very-close brother/sister team from Season 2. Yeah, Blake is hot. Yeah, they way he calls Pauge "baby" is disturbing, but who can resist them? My first TAR boyfriend (but, had to dump him for Jon)

4) John Vito / Jill - The 9-11 team from Season 3. I had Pre-hated them because of their hook: tregedy brought them together. But they were one of the cutest things on Season 3. Their love for each other is just adorable.

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