Do you have to be witty to get a neighborhoodie?

Found this cool site through the latest Readymade (but I may have seen it in Domino as well...I can't remember) but it's quite cool. I've been toying with the idea of getting one for myself - I recently purchased some items as a baby shower gift (or baby arrival gift - I don't know what you really call it) coz it's cool to personalize your gift! But when it comes to picking something for me, I'm at a loss. Coz' it's gotta be witty. It's gotta be timeless...and of course unique.

So neighborhoodies.com sells shirts, jackets and even messenger bags - and they're all decetly priced. Once I get some wit, I'll get a jacket for myself (Let's aim for this winter, huh?) Oh, here's my fave below.

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